Measurable Results / Best Possible Outcomes…


Atrium Physical Therapy is committed to delivering to each of our patients quick, measurable results, with the best attainable long-term outcomes. Simply put, outcomes are the results of your treatment. Is your pain relieved? Have you recovered your ability to function without restriction? Do you have a complete understanding of methods to prevent recurrence of the problem?

Atrium Physical Therapy uses a sophisticated system to monitor individual patient outcomes. Onthe first visit, you will answer some questions on a computer about your functional limitations specific to the body part or impairment that needs treatment using software called FOTO (Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes).

Your answers are compared to a very large database which then scores your functional level on a 100 point scale. (For example, if your functional measurement for a knee injury is 25, we may interpret that you have only 25% of the functional ability that person with a perfectly healthy knee should have.)

Through the course of treatment, you will be asked to complete the questionnaire again, and your responses are re-scored. Changes in your score reflect changes in your functional level. The certainty that the change in score reflects real functional change is very high due to the size of the FOTO database.

An additional value of using the FOTO system is in the quarterly reports that we receive comparing our performance to many other Physical Therapy clinics around the country that use FOTO. We are proud that we have consistently exceeded the national average for functional change in the FOTO database. 

How our patients benefit from FOTO:

  • Quick, measurable results with the best attainable long-term outcomes
  • Physicians and other health care providers receive reliable and valid outcomes to better coordinate holistic treatment plan
  • Allows physical therapist to develop innovative and effective treatment regiments

FOTO is the largest and most valid external database for rehabilitation. FOTO measures functional outcomes for musculoskeletal, industrial, neuromuscular, and cardiopulmonary patients. For more information about FOTO and the Patient Inquiry software go to